About the Journal

Publisher: MultiTech Publisher

MultiTech Publisher is a registered and well-known publisher in Indonesia. MultiTech Publisher is part of PT Multitech Bintang Jaya registered with SK KEMENKUMHAM: AHU-036359.AH.01.30.2023.  Besides, PT Multitech Bintang Jaya has been licensed by Indonesian government with registration number NOMOR INDUK BERUSAHA: 2605230057909. 

Multitech Publisher Mission:

Our mission is to contribute to society through advancing research and the application of scientific discoveries, by distributing free access to all research results and outcomes online without financial, legal, or technical barriers. All International Research Journals articles will be freely and openly distributed and available from multiple websites. MultiTech Publisher Journals, breaking new frontiers in the world of scientific discoveries.

International Journal of Educational and Life Sciences (IJELS)

International Journal of Educational and Life Sciences (IJELS) is an international online multidisciplinary journal published monthly by Multitech Publisher. The aim of IJELS is to publish peer-reviewed review articles, research articles, and short communications in the rapidly developing field of Life Sciences, Education and Physical Education, Economics, health sciences, and engineering that supports human life.