Forthcoming Article

Vol. 1 No. 1 July 2023

1. Positive Deviance and Early Life Nutrition Based on Local Wisdom for Pregnant Women with the Nutritional Status of Children Aged 0-5 Years with Covid-19 Case

Author : Ana Samiatul Milah, Ade Zaqiah, Mohammad Yudio Fuad

Vol. 1 No. 2 August 2023

1. Application of SAK EMKM to MSME Business Actors

Author : Harun Alrasyid, Haliah, Andi Kusuma

2. Analysis of the RelationshipBETWEEN Trade Openness and Technology Innovation in Enchancing Economic Growth in Multinational Companies

Author : : Elli Sulistyaningsih, Sugeng Siswanto

Vol. 1 No. 3 September 2023

1. The Effect of Using the Canva Application on Learning Outcomes Art Culture Class Student VII Junior High School 2 Pancarijang

Author : Renaldi, Nurmayanti, Usman M, Sam Hermansyah, Syamsunir

2. Apologizing in English and Indonesian : An Interlanguage Pracmatic Case Study of Students at Muhammadiyah Boarding School Rappang

Author : Sri Fitri Ramadhani, Andi Sadapotto, Nadirah, Sam Hermansyah, Ibrahim Manda

3. The Influence of Video Tutorials on Learning Outcomes of Islamic Religion in Class X Students in Online Business and Marketing Smk Negeri 2 Sidenreng Rappang

Author : Idharul Haq, Usman M, Abd Kahar, Sam Hermansyah, Muhammad Hanafi 

4. The Influence of Use of Google Classroom Media on Indonesian Language Learning Outcomes of Class XI Students Of SMKN 2 Sidrap

Author : M Andri, Usman M, Hasanuddin, Sam Hermansyah, M Hijaz Tahir

5. Inhibiting Factors of Pine Forest Tourism Management in Motilango Village, Tibawa District, Gorontalo Regency

Author : Aisah Bint Yasin, Sofyan Alhadar , Yahya Antu

6. The Impact of The Use of the LECTOR Application on the Subject Of Studying the Work of SMPN 3 Pitu Riase

Author : Rahma, M Hijaz Tahir, Syamsunir, Usman M, Sam Hermansyah

7. Students' Ability to Develop Sentences in English Writing

Author : Sam Hermansyah, M Hijaz Tahir, Roni, Agus Hambing

8. Paradigm Education Islam in Transformation System Trust Traditional

Author : M Hijaz Tahir, Sam Hermansyah 

9. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Tax Socialization Activities to Increase Compliance with Paying Land and Building Taxes (Case Study of Communities in Medan Labuhan District)

Author : Siti Aisyah, Ratih Anggraini Siregar, Taufiq Risal, Ina Liswanty,Tika Nirmala Sari , Adiharianto

Vol. 1 No. 4 October 2023

1. Inhibiting Factors of Health Services Puskesmas Auxiliary (Pustu) in Tobil Village, Togean District, Tojo Una-Una Regency

Author : Magfira, Rukiyah Nggili, Moh Abubakar Talalu 

2. Archive Management at Bpjs Employment Gorontalo City Branch Office

Author : Masayu Anastasya H. Pikoli, Lisda Van Gobel, Andi Yusuf Katili

3. Analysis of Income for Laying Hen Farming Business in Puncak Harapan
Village, Enrekang Regency

Author : Musnaim, Angga Nugraha, Musdalifah Mansur

4. An Analysis of Educators and Teaching Staffs Perceptions of the Kampus Mengajar Program at SDN 9 Batu

Author : Isra Mirat, Nadirah, Sam Hermasnyah

5. An Analysis of Teachers’ Pedagogical/ Proffesional Learning a Practice Competence in Teaching English at SMP Negeri 4 Baranti

Author : Jumrah, Andi Asrifan, Buhari,Sam Hermansyah

6. Recruitment Process for Educators at Special Schools (SLB) Gorontalo

Author : Maya Lamusu, Lisda Van Gobel, Yahya Antu

7. The Role of the Village Head in Efforts to Increase Community Participation in Mutiara Laut Village Tomilito District, North Gorontalo Regency

Author : Wienda Pararang, Ellys Rahman, Sofyan Al Hadar

8. Language Attitudes Towards Written English Slang Variety in Internet Social Media

Author : Hamida Halim, Ibrahim Manda, Lababa, Sam Hermansyah

9. Teaching English Vocabulary in Junior High School Students by Using Simulation Games

Author : Ghina Salsabila Wahab, Syamsu T, Lababa, Sam Hermansyah, Ernawati

10. Influence use Media Learning Videoscribe to Results Study Students of SMPN 2 Rappang

Author : Anwar, Usman M, Nurzin R Kasau, Syamsunir, Sam Hermansyah 

11. Amnesty Programme and Management of Niger-Delta Crises in Nigeria, 2009 – 2019

Author : Jude Chidi Onyenama, Evelyn Agbajeogy, Godwin Orakpowenri Orovwiroro

12. An Appraisal of Russia and United States of America Involvement in Syrian Civil War, 2011 – 2018

Author : Praxede C. Egeonu, Joseph Bamidele, Godwin Orakpowenri Orovwiroro

Vol. 1 No. 5 November 2023

1. Feminism in Literature: A Study of Emecheta’s the Joys of Motherhood   and Nwapa’s Efuru

Author : Eneremadu Queen Esther Chioma, Eze Mabel Nkechinyere

2. Revenue Allocation and the Challenge of Federalism in Nigeria

Author : Godwin Orakpowenri Orovwiroro, Agbajeogu Evelyn Nwa-Amaka Ochi,  Oruta Lawrence Igwe

3. Effects of Mother Tongue Interference in the Learning of English Intonation

Author : Benjamin F.C. Nwokedi

4. Factors Affecting the Teaching of English Syllables and Stress

Author : Benjamin F.C. Nwokedi

5. Dialect Variations the Enrichment of Standard Igbo Language: A Linguistic Study

Author: Dom-Anyamu, Benjamin F.C Nwokedi, Eneremadu Queen Esther Chioma

6. The Leveraging 4c Competencies in EFL Classroom

Author: Nur Aeni, Rasmi Djabba, Tuti Wijayanti, Akhtem A. Dzhelilov, Asriati Asriati

7. A Semiotic Analysis on Robert Frost’s Poem Love and a Question Based on Charles Sander Peirce’s Triangle Theory

Author: Anita Candra Dewi, Andi Asrifan