Forthcoming Article

Vol. 1, No. 1

1. Analysis of Factors Related to the Incident of Pneumonia in Toddlers in the Working Area of Pajar Bulan Community Health Center, Semende Darat Ulu District, Muara Enim Regency in 2022

Author: Eka Afrika, Andre Utama Saputa, Sri Handayani, Wahyu, Ernawati, Muhammad Romadhon

2. The Relationship between Early Complementary Feeding and Nutritional Status and Incidence of Diarrhea in Infants Aged 0-6 Months at the 7 Ulu Palembang Community Health Center in 2022

Author: Fitri Afdhal, Ranida Arsi, Dora Miranti

3. Implications of Whatsapp Group-Based Health Education on the Behavior of Elderly Caregivers in Preventing Covid-19 Infection in Palembang City

Author: Irwadi, Andre Utama Saputra

4. The Relationship of Mother's Nutritional Knowledge and Feeding Patterns with Events Stunting in Toddler Ages 12-59 Months In the Working Area of Sijunjung Health Center

Author: Irwadi, Andre Utama Saputra, Yenni Elfira

5. The Relationship of Family Support with Compliance with Fluid Limitations in Chronic Kidney Failure Patients in the Hemodialysa Room of Siti Fatimah Az-Zahra Hospital

 Author: Selamat Parmin, Serli Wulan Safitri, Nurhasanah

Vol. 1, No. 2

6. The Influence of Audio Visual (Video) Imagination on Hospitalization Stress in Hemodialysis Patients at the Siti Khadijah Islamic Hospital, Palembang

Author: Serli Wulan Safitri, Selamat Parmin

7. The Effect of Providing Education Through Audio Visual on Knowledge of Handling Dysminorrhea in Adolescent Girls at Kader Bangsa Health Vocational School in Palembang

Author: Ranida Arsi, Fitri Afdhal, Inda Helmika

8. Teaching Pronunciation: A Critical Assessment of the Role of Instructors

Author: zanyar ghafar

9. The Social Media in Language Learning: Implications for Second Language Motivation and Linguistic Acquisition: a Comprehensive Review

Author: zanyar ghafar

10. To Study the REITs Investment in Affecting the Investor’s Confidence with Inflation Rate as the Intervening Variable in Malaysian Financial Market

Author: Yeoh Wee Win Yeoh

11. Chemical and Nutritional Composition of Selected Legumes Available in Kebbi State Nigeria

Author: Rufai Usman Fakai, Aliyu Garba

12. Economic Analyses of Small holder Rice Farmers in Kebbi State, Nigeria

Author: Aliyu Danmaigoro, Asmau Ahmad, Hassan Yahaya Sanda, Sanusi Audu

13. Economic Analysis of Paddy Rice Marketing in Kebbi State, Nigeria

Author: Aliyu Danmaigoro,  Gona Ayuba, Simon Josiah, Asmau Ahmad, Luka Emmanuel Dorh

14. Myanmar’s Role in India’s Act East Policy in the Face of Challenges from China

Author: Kiệt Lê Hoàng

15. The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: the Us’ Strategic Goals in Reshaping the Power Structure in Europe

Author: Kiệt Lê Hoàng

16. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Implementing Fingerprint Attendance on the Discipline of ASN and NON ASN Employees in the Pondokgede District Education Service Unit

Author: Rochayati Febriarhamadini

17. Comparison of Cefoperazone + Sulbactam Versus Polymyxin B in the Management of Ventilator Associated Pneumonias Caused by Multi-Drug Resistant Acinetobacter

 Author: Fazal Rabbi, Ajab Khan, Syed Muhammad Muneeb Ali, Syed Mujahid Gilani, Taha Muhammad Usman Pasha, Aqsa Ahmad, Fazal Mustaan, Tawseef Ahmad

18. Influence of 5G Technology on Educational Telecommunications and Networking

 Author: Umar Ibrahim, Umar Isah, Jamilu Ibrahim Argungu,Bashar Shuaibu

19. The Analyzing COVID-19 on a Global Scale: Investigating its Worldwide Ramifications

Author: Mustapha Abdulsalam, Khadija Muntaqa Tijjani Usman, Amina Abdulkadir Nurudeen, Fatima Yusuf Muhammad